Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What differentiates Raymond Maids from the rest?

Most of our maids have a video recording, can be interviewed via skype or through the telephone. We do a lot of quality checks prior to the maid deployment by interviewing them personally or through our overseas counterparts. We are very established, with more than 25 years of operations. We have one of the highest success rates in the market.

2. What is Raymond Maid’s view on transferring/replacing your maid?

We will try our best to follow a1 out1 in replacement policy so that you will have a maid at all times to cope with your household needs. We understand it is difficult to cope without a helper and thus, we will do our best to help while adhering to government regulations.

3. Are my loan and insurance refundable?

Yes, both are refundable to you on a pro-rated basis. Employers will need to pay the upfront loan for the maid first, but will get it back via the maid’s monthly salary. In a case where the maid is not able to due to her not finishing her contract, the agency will refund it back to you. For Insurance, what is not being used will be refunded to you via the insurance company.

4. What happens if I encounter problems after hiring the maid?

We provide free counselling services to talk to the maid in order to identify and solve the problems. We have employees conversant in Bahasa Malayu and Tagalog. In a case where counselling does not work, we will advise the employer accordingly.

5. When and how do I make salary payments to the maid?

You should pay your FDW her salary monthly and no later than 7 days after the last day of salary period. We highly advise that you do not hold your FDW’s salary for safekeeping purposes as this might lead to potential misunderstandings.

There are 2 ways to make salary payments. The first way is to deposit into her bank account in Singapore and let her keep the bank book. The second way is to pay via cash. If payment is via cash, we have prepared a salary schedule to ensure that there are proper records beings done.

6. Can the maids work without off-days and hand phones?

Most maids are able to work without off-days in lieu of compensation. If the employer or the maid wants an off-day, it can be arranged prior to the maid’s deployment. For usage of hand phones, it is up to the employer’s discretion on the maid’s usage on the hand phone.

7. Can Raymond Maids guarantee my maid will work out well?

As we are dealing with human beings, we cannot guarantee that the maid will work out well. We will however, try our best to make sure the maid is up to our standard before they are deployed in Singapore.

8. What do I do if I would like to arrange alternative accommodation for my maid when I am overseas?

We provide lodging accommodation for the maid if you decide to put the maid with us.

9. Do you provide other services other than just helping to help hire the maid?

We provide a very comprehensive service package pre and post hiring of the maid. This is to ensure that we are a 1-stop agency where we provide the best and complete service.

10. Do you have any issues or demerit points from MOM or other government agencies?

No, we have no issues with any government authorities. We are very stringent with the relevant regulations while delivering best customer service and top quality maids.

11. What is the current monthly levy for the maid?

Levy is a pricing mechanism set by the government to regulate the amount of foreign workers in Singapore. Employers are required to pay a monthly levy for the FDW.
Currently, levy is at $265 (normal) and $60 (concession). Employer is entitled to a concessionary rate if there are eligible for the Young children/grandchild Scheme, Aged person scheme or the Persons with disabilities scheme. Please refer to this link ( for more details.

Levy payments are done via GIRO only.

12. Who can apply for a maid?

You need to be 21 years of age and above, not an undischarged bankrupt and have the mental capacity to fully understand and discharge your responsibility as an employer. MOM will also consider other criteria such as your financial ability.

13. What documents do I need to bring down when hiring the maid?

Typically, you would need your Notice of Assessment, Particulars(IC/Birth certificates) of yourself and the members staying in your household, and your certificate from Employment OrientationProgram (if 1st time taking a maid).

If additional maid or replacement, we would require the Work Permit particulars of the existing/previous maid.

14. Am I able to hire more than 1 maid?

Yes, you might be able to hire more than 1 maid, subject to MOM approval. MOM will consider applications for a 2nd maid if you have special needs such as having 2 or more children below 18 years of age or a parent/parent-in-law that is above 60 years of age living with you. MOM will also assess other criteria such as ability to maintain more than 1 maid.

15. Can I employ a FDW if I do not have any income?

You can apply for the Sponsorship Scheme if you are at least 60 years of age and not staying with any working adults.

Alternatively, you can arrange a fixed deposit of at least $50k, although subject to MOM approval.

16. Where can I find more information that is not listed here?

Please refer to the MOM website.


To ensure your confidentiality, we will take reasonable steps not to disclose your personal information to any 3rd party, unless required by law or for the maid’s application process.