Filipino Maids

Filipino maids make up the second largest group of maids in Singapore. They have been helping in our household for decades. Filipino maids are extremely popular in Singapore as they can speak English and are known to be independent, intelligent and hardworking. The basic salary of a Filipino maid is $600 as stipulated by the Filipino embassy.

Filipino maids are mostly Christian or Roman Catholic and hence, can eat pork.

Key characteristics

  • Able to speak fluent English
  • Independent
  • Intelligent
  • Hardworking
  • No dietary restrictions

Advantages of Raymond Maids

  • Compulsory training of more than 2 weeks
  • Specific training guidelines to cater to Singaporean lifestyle
  • Majority of our Filipino maids are willing to work without off days, in lieu of compensation

Raymond Maids is very popular for its Filipino maids as our agency takes a serious view on its training. All its Filipino maids attend more than 2 weeks of compulsory training, regardless of their previous work experience. We even have specific training guidelines so that the maids are thoroughly trained prior their deployment. Raymond Maids’ management fly regularly to Philippines to personally interview the maids to ensure that the maids are appropriate to our employers. We take pride in providing caring, industrious, persevering, and smart Filipino maids. Most of them easily adjust and adapt to the environment and culture of the country they are working in.

Generally, most of our Filipino maids accept having no off days in lieu of compensation. We always have a large availability of Filipino bio-data for the employers so that employers have a wide range to choose from. In fact, it has been estimated that there are about 70,000 Filipino domestic helpers in Singapore. So let our maid agency introduce to you a reliable and trustworthy Filipino maid.

filipino maids

Key Country Information

Religion Catholic: 82.9%

Muslim: 5%

Other Christian: 4.5%

Population 102,624,209
Official Language Filipino and English
Key Occupations Services: 55%

Agriculture: 29%

Industry: 16%

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