Indonesian Maids

Indonesian maids make up the largest group of maids in Singapore. They have been helping in our household for decades. The basic salary of an Indonesian maid is $550 as stipulated by the Indonesian embassy. Indonesian maids are mostly Muslim and hence, do not eat pork. However, most of them are willing to handle and cook pork if required so by their employer. Indonesian maids adapt better to the Singaporean environment due to the closer proximity to Singapore and the similarity between Bahasa Indonesia and Melayu.

Key characteristics

  • Obedient
  • Hardworking
  • Humble
  • Dietary restrictions: pork, due to religion
  • Able to work without off days, in lieu of compensation

Advantages of Raymond Maids

  • Own training centre with set training standards
  • In-house designed, comprehensive training programmes

Raymond Maids is well known for its Indonesian maids because we have our own training centre in Indonesia and our long-serving partners supplying us must adhere to our training standards. Our agency’s management fly down regularly to Indonesia to personally interview the helpers to ensure that the maids are well-trained before their deployment in Singapore. We even design our training programmes to ensure that our maids are trained thoroughly. Our maid agency is known to have one of the strictest and comprehensive training in Indonesia.

We always have a large availability of Indonesian bio-data for the employers so that employers have a wide range to choose from. Many Singaporean households are on a continuous search for a Singapore domestic helper, but finding the right one is no easy feat. Fortunately, this is where Raymond Maids comes to the scene. We have been committed to supplying disciplined and reliable Indonesian maids to our customers.

indonesian maids

Key Country Information

Religion Muslims: 87.2%

Christian: 7%

Roman Catholic: 2.9%

Population 258,316,051
Official Language Bahasa Indonesia
Key Occupations Services: 47.9%

Agriculture: 38.9%

Industry: 13.2%

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