Managing your maid


It is important to have realistic expectations when hiring maids. They come from countries that have very different cultures compared to Singapore. Many of them live in rural areas and thus are not used to such urban and developed environment like in Singapore. Quality training and briefing will help to minimise such cultural differences to a certain extent. Employers will need to assist the maid in adapting to a new cultural and work environment.


Most of these maids, except for those from the Philippines, do not communicate much in English in their home countries. They are however, taught basic English in their overseas training. Many of them need to work longer in Singapore in order to improve their English.


As an employer, you need to be responsible for the maid’s well-being. You will need to provide basic accommodation, amenities, food and medical care. For accommodation, the maid should ideally have a room by herself. If this is not possible, alternative accommodation must be planned in order for her to have an adequate sleeping space and have personal privacy. Sufficient rest must be given to the maid in order to keep her healthy and productive.

Medical care

The employer is responsible for the maid’s medical care. As such, it is important to have insurance coverage for your maid which will help to cover their hospitalization expenses. Under MOM laws, it is compulsory to purchase insurance for your maid. However, note that the insurance package does not cover dental care.


Payment of salary should be either done by cash or directly credited into her bank account. We have prepared a salary schedule in which the maid signs whenever she receives her salary. This is done to prevent any disputes. It is vital to note that it is illegal for the employer to dock the maid’s salary for whatever circumstances.

Off-days / Hand phones

Some maids would like to have off days, while some maids are agreeable with not having off day. In a case where the maid is agreeable of not having an off day, they must be compensated accordingly. Whether or not a maid has off day or not, as well as the usage of hand phones can be discussed prior to the deployment of the maid.


We understand sometimes frustration can build up over the performance of the maid. We have the appropriate resources to help alleviate the situation. We will counsel the maid accordingly and if necessary, help to transfer the maid. We, as a leading maid agency will try our best to solve your problems.