Myanmar Maids

The Myanmese are the third largest group of maids in Singapore, after Indonesians and Filipinos. They are gaining popularity in Singapore due to their affordability in terms of agency fee and salary. The basic salary of a Myanmar maids is about $450. This is the lowest rate as compared to Indonesian and Filipino maids. While this may seem like an additional cost to your household budget, it actually saves money in the long run, as your daily stress level is reduced and significant home maintenance and repair expenses are prevented. Grab the opportunity of hiring a Myanmar domestic helper in Singapore now through a maid agency.

Due to the cultural differences between Myanmar and Singapore, Myanmese maids require additional time to adapt to our environment. All first- time maids to Singapore are required to attend the “Settling-in-Programme” as required by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) so that they are briefed to better understand the Singaporean lifestyle. Myanmese maids speak very basic English but given time, are able to communicate better in English.

Key characteristics

  • Humble
  • Hardworking
  • Patient
  • Willing to forgo off-days in lieu of compensation
  • Lesser dietary restrictions

Our maid agency has years of experience dealing with Myanmar maids and thus, have the resources to assist you finding a suitable one.

Myanmar Maids

Key Country Information


Buddhist: 87.9%

Christian: 6.2%

Muslim: 4.3%



Official Language


Key Occupations

Agriculture: 70%

Services: 23%