Our Services

  • Employment of new FDWs

    Our FDWs come from Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar. These FDWs undergo strict and intensive training prior to their arrival in Singapore.

  • Employment of Transfer FDWs

    These FDWs can be deployed in your house typically around 1-2 Weeks.

  • Direct Hire

    We are able to do up the necessary arrangements to bring your pre-selected FDW to Singapore.

  • Work Permit Application / Renewal / Cancellation

    This is done through the MOM website.

  • Security Bond, Personal Accident and Medical Insurance

    Employers are required to provide a $5000 banker’s guarantee and take up a personal accident and medical insurance for their FDW. We have tied up with a leading insurance company to provide appropriate insurance coverage for our customers.

  • Medical Check-up

    FDWs are required by law to attend medical check-ups upon arrival in Singapore. They are also required to go every 6 months.

  • Settling-in-Programme (“SIP”)

    It is compulsory for new FDWs to attend SIP to briefly orientate themselves with the housing environment in Singapore.

  • Fingerprint Service

    Upon arrival in Singapore, FDWs are required to attend a medical check-up, SIP and have their fingerprints stamped on relevant documents.

  • Employer’s Orientation Programme (“EOP”)

    We will inform new employers that the EOP is compulsory for them.This is stipulated by MOM. This allows employers to understand certain regulations and responsibilities of hiring a FDW. Classroom EOP costs $28 to $30 while online EOP costs $40. EOP is a 3 hour programme.

  • Liaison with Embassies

    We liaise with the relevant embassies in the application of Home Leave / Endorsement and Passport Renewal.

  • Booking of Air Tickets

    We help in booking of air tickets for FDW’s holidays or 1 way ticket.

  • Counselling Services

    Our experienced team provides free counselling services to the FDWs if required.

  • Follow Up Services

    We are a strong believer of good after sales service. Service calls are done regularly in order to understand how the FDW is coping at your household.

  • Pick Up Services

    We provide Ad-hoc pick-up services

After – Sales Service

We are known for our after-sales services:
– Regular follow up calls are done to check performance of maid
– Free counseling on the phone or in person
– Advising employers on how to manage their maids
– Assistance to do any after-sales paper work